About Us

Company Profile

NAJA positions itself to be the leading company in marine and offshore providing “One Stop Total Service Solutions“. Services provided includes ore manning, ship agency, marine procurement and logistics solutions, sales / ship chartering, shipbuilding and ship repairs in Miri, Sarawak.

Since its incorporation in April 2019, NAJA has few negotiating jobs in hand. These business activities have shown a good start and a promising year ahead for NAJA.

NAJA’s lucrative market segment is the marine and offshore market which is undeniably the most attractive market in the world.  Its exceptional capability to efficiently run with the right set of people, processes and techniques will help it achieves customer service excellence which uniquely position NAJA to be a successful and fast-growing organization.

NAJA is being certified MLC 2006 by the Malaysian Marine Department for offshore manning recruitment in Miri, Sarawak.  Obtaining this certification is a regulatory requirement and a major achievement that puts NAJA ahead of any of its peers.

NAJA has ambitious plans to have presence across the globe and will be achieved by setting up locally and by entering into strategic partnerships with other international providers. NAJA would like its customers to experience seamless support in processes with regards to marine services, irrespective of where they are around the world.